The "FRAGOUT" Project

Growing up in a city where the pressure to succeed is highly emphasised, Singaporeans usually are in two moods - angry and motherf*cking angry. However as a civilised country, many regard shopping as their first instinct for stress relieve, yet it doesn't always satisfy the adrenaline rush they are looking for. This July, AllOUT.™ Label team up with The Fragment Room to combine forces between retail therapy and actual physical rage relievers in the form of T-shirts emblazoned with graphics. The Fragout collection is inspired by the literal expressions in coping with anger and showcases a series of designs with elements that screams annihilation. The collaboration between AllOUT.™ Label and the Forbes (& Hypebeast)-approved The Fragment Room brings you a collection that is not just a solution to your everyday frustrations but an actual way to wear the prize on your sleeve.

The Fragment Room
Dubbed one of the most hype and unconventional places to visit, The Fragment Room is the first rage room in Singapore and Southeast Asia, brought to the region by Royce Tan. The Fragment Room is a place for you to let down your walls and release your pent-up inner frustrations by (simply) breaking things. Think glass bottles, electronics and everything you ever wanted to crush and burn, crumbling at your fingertips. Fragment describes itself in four simple steps - “Come as you are. Collect your gear. Break things. Leave feeling good.” But here, we define it in half - Come with teeth and go AllOUT!

Available at The Fragment Room and our Online Store!

Creative Direction: Jerome Yap
Photographers: Jerome Yap, Desmond Cheng, Wilson Elijah Tng
Stylist: Lynette Kee
Models: Shannon Ho, Genie Yamaguchi, Shermaine Choo, Keng Yang, Victor Chew

Images edited by: Jerome Yap
Written by: published writer Lynette Kee

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